Home Weatherization

Are there windows and doors in your home that seem to be letting the outside in? Do you have rooms in your home that seem to be noticeably cooler in the winter and warmer in the summer? Your home may be a good candidate for Southstar Construction’s weatherization services. As a full service Weatherization contractor in Atlanta, Southstar Construction can provide all of your weatherization needs.

Keep Nature Out

Weatherization is the use of construction and building practices to modify a building in ways that will make it more energy efficient and reduce the amount of energy required to operate the building. Stated another way, weatherization is weatherproofing your home from nature’s elements including air and water.

Less Power, Lower Bills

These changes are very important to homeowners because the weatherization methods used can translate to savings to the homeowner through lower power bills and lower gas bills. Weatherization can also create a more comfortable and healthy living environment by reducing moisture in the air, as well as creating a more substantial barrier to the outside elements. Just think how much money you could save just by added insulation to your walls, floors, and ceilings; or if your home is on a crawlspace, how much moisture could be prevented from entering your home’s structure by installing a vapor barrier.

Heat Loss

You may be surprised by how much air you are losing due to a drafty doors and windows. Installing insulated windows and doors will greatly improve your homes energy efficiency; but caulking and weather-stripping of existing windows and doors is a low cost alternative that can also create noticeable improvements.
Insulating your exposed plumbing is another opportunity for savings. Insulating the water tank and the supply lines can save money and energy because the water in the tank will stay warmer longer, requiring the water heater to run less frequently to keep the water in the tank hot.

Seal those Ducts

Are your heating and air conditioning ducts leaking air? Leaky ducts mean some air is escaping and never makes it to its intended location in your home, and instead ends up in your crawlspace, attic, or basement. Duct sealing and insulation can help your system run more efficiently and save you money by eliminating these leaks.

Allow Southstar Construction to perform a weatherization evaluation on your home to determine which weatherization techniques your home could most benefit from. As full service Atlanta Weatherization contractor we provide the following services:

• Weatherization Evaluation
• Replacement of window & doors
• Insulation of Ceilings, walls, & floors
• Water heater and water supply line insulation
• Duct work replacement &/or insulation
• And much more

Southstar Construction is a professional Atlanta Weatherization contractor. Call us today for an in home consultation at 404-587-1910; we look forward to working with you!

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