203K and Homestyle Renovation Loans 

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To make the purchase of such homes easier, the government has put forward the 203K loan that allows prospective homebuyers to purchase the home as well as spend a limited amount on its repair and rehabilitation. The 203K loan backed by the Federal Housing Administration is a popular incentive to get many of the foreclosed properties on the market into the hands of new owners who may wish to acquire their first home at an affordable price.  
So, this type of loan not only helps the homebuyer towards acquiring the property as their new residence but also aides in the rehabilitation process. This program also help existing homeowners to refinance or remodel their current dwelling. 
Ar you a homebuyer looking for fixer-uppers and don't know where to turn for financing, inspections, or construction services? At Southstar Construction, we help property owners and buyers at any stage of the renovation loan process. We have a team that we work with regularly for our 203K and renovation loan clients to ensure that your renovation loan exerprience is a success.
With the 203K loan, homeowners can have the following repairs and upgrades made to their property:
  • ·       Foundation repair
  • ·       Structural alterations
  • ·       Roof replacement
  • ·       Floor installation
  • ·       Interior and exterior paint
  • ·       Kitchen remodeling
  • ·       Bathroom remodeling
  • ·       Upgrade of electrical and plumbing systems
  • ·       Moisture damage and termite repair
  • ·       Energy efficiency improvements
  • ·       Major landscaping
  • ·       Exterior upgrades including decks, patios and porches
  • ·       Accessibility needs
  • ·       New or upgraded appliances
  • ·       And much more
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