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Turn Your Atlanta Basement into the Perfect Bonus Room

No matter how cold or clammy your current basement is, a remodel job can transform this uninviting space into one of the most appealing rooms in the house. In fact, if you are looking to expand the living space in your home, consider remodeling the basement before looking at pricier options like add-ons.
Atlanta Basement remodeling will depend on how you plan to use the space. If it is to be used as a socialising area, such as a lounge, play area or game room, then focus on allowing in good lighting; natural light if possible. In other scenarios where basements are to be turned into bedrooms, one of the essentials is an egress widow or exit. But no matter what the function of the basement room is, all basements should ideally be well ventilated, moisture free and well lit.
For larger basements where homeowners may want to put in partition walls,  the key is to do so sparingly; too many below grade rooms will start to feel confined and crowded. Partition walls can go a long way when installed correctly by placing them between columns so that support posts are turned into design elements. Likewise half wall dividers or those with widow cut-outs allow light to filter through the interior areas.  And partitions need not always be solid walls but can be mobile versions like sliding doors or movable screens.
To make the area more appealing, good lighting cannot be skimped upon. In fact, to prevent the basement from staying dark and dim, you may probably need to put in more fixtures than anywhere else in the house. For lighting options anything from wall sconces, track lighting and pendant lighting to recessed can lighting can work depending on the room décor.

And while all this may seem like a lot of work for the novice handyman, Atlanta remodeling contractors like Southstar Construction in Decatur, Atlanta, have the experienced manpower and equipment to tackle basement remodeling jobs of all natures. At Southstar Construction we can handle remodeling services of all scopes and get the job done to your full satisfaction.