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Deciding where to install a television is apart of the television buying process for many flat screen owners. Many people already have an ideal location in mind before they ever step foot in a store or start browsing electronics websites. 

Homeowners and property owners in the Atlanta metro area often decide to hire a tv mounting service to install their tv sets when they are remodeling or moving (in or out). One of the tell tell signs that you are moved in to a new place is that you have your television installed and your cable on.  

We also serve owners that have recently moved, as well as installs in older homes. We recently did an instal in a older brick ranch style home in West Atlanta. The home had a really interesting wood panel wall, where the owners wanted to install their 65-inch television. We had to take very precise measurements and cut into the wood panel wall to install the channel for all the cables. We also had to measure and drill through the paneling in order to mount the tv wall mount plate. 

This wall was unique because the outermost layer of wood paneling was made up of 8 inch squares installed at an angle in a diamond pattern. Behind the top layer was solid sheet of paneling. These are what we call “high stakes” installs because unlike drywall, there is not an easy way to patch and refinish wood. The project came out perfect and the client was pleased with the way the project turned out. 

Many homeowners and property owners don’t feel completely comfortable with attempting to mount their television to their walls. There are a few obvious reasons for this. 

Number one, even though led televisions have drastically come down in price over the years, smart tv’s can still be quite expensive. Especially if you are purchasing the latest and greatest technology. With that said, most homeowners get queasy at the idea of their televisions falling off the wall due to them not knowing how to properly mount it to a wall.  

The second reason is directly related to the first. The reality is that mounting a television to a finished interior wall of a home or office requires a  little working knowledge of construction. If you don’t have the knowledge or experience, it can be a little scary. 

One of the biggest elements that comes with experience and understanding of basic framing is knowing what will work effectively and what wont. Many of the botched installs that we see occurs when the owner decides to deviate from the installation instructions either by choice or due to circumstances onsite. 

Another factor that often comes up is “What can I do about all the wires?” Cord management is also a service that we provide, and your best options for hiding electronics cords will really depend on the design and construction of your property. Properties with attics and basements usually offer more potential options compared to some condos or townhomes. Each property may have its own particular set of challenges. If you are in the Atlanta area, and you are looking for a ”tv installation company near me” text or email us today about your television mounting project.