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 Smart Choices for Home Siding in Atlanta


Features like the home’s architectural style, location and of course, budget limitations will all dictate the choice of siding material during a home remodel. Because part of the process is to dress up your home’s exterior nicely, you need to select building materials that will enhance its visual appeal. At the same time it should be something that will be easy to maintain later on and should also contribute towards the energy efficiency of the residence.
To accommodate all these features into your home’s new exterior, think about some popular choices like vinyl, wood or fiber cement.
Vinyl: This type of siding is available in many different colors to give your home a unique character. It also happens to be a reasonably priced material that is fairly easy to maintain and a popular choice with homeowners who are looking to upgrade or replace their existing siding. Vinyl is also considered as an effective enough barrier against heat loss.
Wood: Wood siding is also popular among homeowners as a stylish finish on the home’s exterior. Wood naturally has good insulation value and goes towards furthering the home’s energy efficiency. The big concern with wood siding however, is its high maintenance. Even when treated, all kinds of real wood siding will require proper maintenance. Not only will the siding need to be cleaned and stained routinely, it will also need to be treated and then inspected regularly for termite damage, insect infestation as well as weather damage.
Fibre cement siding: Fiber cement siding enjoys a reputation for low maintenance as well as stability. It is made from a mix of wood pulp, cement, clay and sand and can be purchased in variety of textures and forms to resemble stucco, stone or wood itself. This siding materials has been put together to withstand changes in temperature and humidity levels and is a heavy building material to handle. It is best that fibre cement is handled by professionals.
On the affordability front, vinyl siding will prove to be less costly than wood. However, certain grades of wood can also be procured within a reasonable price range. Cost wise, fibre cement siding will fall between its wood and vinyl counterparts.
For Decatur residents in Atlanta, installing new siding to your home can be carried out by remodeling experts like Southstar Construction. We have the expertise to handle siding materials of all sorts and can get the job done professionally every time.