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Atlanta Home Repair - Water Heater Replacement and Repair


No matter whether you are a homeowner, realtor, investor, or commercial tenant there is a short of list of home repairs that always seem to catch us off guard. One of those repairs in the dreaded water heater. Most of us use them every day and never give them a second thought. That is until you have an issue.
Just this week, Southstar Construction performed a water heater replacement in Sandy Springs for a advanced aged homeowner who was caught totally off guard. It is important to periodically inspect your systems in your home to insure that are no clear indicators that the unit is not functioning properly. Luckily this homeowner’s water heater was located in her laundry room and she saw water on the floor while she was attending to her laundry. She was referred to Southstar Construction by an acquaintance. We came out the same day and assessed her problem. Her water heater was well beyond its useful life, and it was most effective to replace her water heater. In no time at all, she was back up and running.   
This scenario is all too common. When a water heater goes out there is often a frantic scramble to try and get the matter addressed. But who do you call for prompt service and fair pricing? Southstar Construction handles all home repair needs including plumbing repairs and upgrades including water heater repair and replacement. So the next time you have a plumbing needs think Southstar Construction. Give us a call today.