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Bedroom Makeovers in One-Day

Bedroom makeovers don't have to be a drawn out process.  Since several small touches can be changed in a single day. The goal of any remodel is to keep it simple and not get completely overwhelmed. So take one day and schedule this small renovation.

Painting: Let Southstar Remodeling come put on a fresh coat of paint.  This is a quick and inexpensive way to rejuvenate a room. For your bedroom, we recommend that you to stick to warm, rich colors such as light brown, deep maroons, or briliant blues. Plus, to save even more time, we can paint a single accent wall to create some spice.

No we suggest that you also redecorate your room: Spending a day at the store. Buying a few pillows, and sheets is a fast way to reinstate a new feel to the room. The hard part about this bedroom makeover is finding the perfect item, so take your time during the shopping process.

Reupholster: In one week, you could buy new fabrics for your chairs, loveseats, and drapes. Then, replace the window treatments and reupholster your furniture to create a seamless pattern throughout the room. By taking one step at a time, a bedroom makeover may take months, but in reality it can be done in a few weeks.