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Painting Your Home Room by Room

Adding color correctly to the home’s interior is a quick remodeling step that will instantly reinvigorate your home’s look. Without having to get involved in elaborate and expensive remodeling projects, homeowners can freshen up their home on the inside and outside with creative paint options.
Starting with a focus on the home’s architectural features, paint can be used to play up a room’s appearance. Use color on elements like molding, mantles, arched doorways and windows to set the mood of the interior décor. All these trims and decorations allow homeowners to include a layer of visual interest to the rooms.
For doors, the option to use a paint color just one step lighter or darker than the primary walls offers an opportunity for subtle emphasis.
In rooms that share architectural elements like moldings, choose the same color for painting these features while changing up the primary wall color. This practice allows for continuity through the interior space while preventing a monochromatic appearance through different rooms.
Rooms that have wainscot are ideal for playing up color contrast between light and dark shades. The paint can work both with either a darker wainscot with a lighter wall, or a colored wall with a white wainscot. As a third alternative, you can also opt for using different shades of the same color on the wall and the wainscot for the wall.
Each paint job will deliver a different mood or aesthetic for the room. The choice to go monochromatic, analogous, or complementary is up to the homeowner.
In rooms where there are no vivid features, one wall can be painted in a bolder shade than the others to create an accent wall.
Typically the color palate can be limitless for homeowners who are undertaking a remodel project, but there are some subtle external considerations as well. For instance it is not likely that all home furnishings and belongings will be replaced after the remodel, so it is wise to look at furnishing options that will eventually be placed in the rooms after the remodeling is complete. You can take a cue from the colors of the furniture, rugs and curtains to base a color scheme for each room.

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