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Atlanta Home Renovation and Electrical Upgrades and Rewiring

Many older homes across metro Atlanta as well the country have electrical systems that have reached or passed their safe and ideal lifespan. A large number of these older homes have breaker panels that are undersized for today’s average home electrical consumption. Some breaker panels are just completely full and have not open slots for additional capacity. The way that most property owners deal with this issue, is through an electrical upgrade. The upgrade usually involves, at a minimum, replacing the breaker panel box. A full electrical upgrade will also include rewiring the original circuits, as well as exterior electrical work. This usually involves cutting sheetrock and fishing wires through ceilings, walls, and floors.

Electrical rewiring is an upgrade that is common in home renovation and remodeling in Atlanta. In today’s market, many investors buying foreclosures have to rewire homes due to vandalism. Southstar Construction performs electrical rewiring as part of our remodeling and renovation services in Atlanta. We handle all aspects of the project and return your home to its pre-construction state.
This project must be performed by a licensed electrician, and a very good one. The electrician must pull a permit with your city, county, or municipality.  This type of project has a high level of complexity and has inherent risks associated with the work.
Be aware, electrical rewires almost always involve cutting sheetrock to run the new wiring. Once the electrician runs all of the new electrical work and the work passes rough inspection, it will be time to close the walls back up. If you are lucky, the electrician used a sheetrock knife and made precision cuts removing sheetrock in pieces that can be reinstalled, but in most instances this will not be the case. There is a good chance that you will at least have one whole under each wall outlet in the house. So now you need a tradesperson that can patch and finish all the holes in the sheetrock. Once the sheetrock has been patched and refinished it will need to be repainted to match the walls. If you have rooms with wallpaper it may be worth it to have the electrician try to fish the wires without making cuts. If you have chosen only to replace the panel and wiring the work the project ends here. Stay tuned for more on the exterior electrical work associated with a full electrical upgrade.