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 Ideas for Painting Kitchen Cabinets


Among other things, an integral part of a kitchen remodel is a fresh coat of paint. Now depending on the design and layout of the kitchen, not every inch of the kitchen needs to be repainted especially if there are ceiling high or below the counter cabinets and backsplashes lining the kitchen wall. In such a kitchen very little of the walls and parts of the ceiling will require new paint.
However, if kitchen cabinets are in a rundown condition, then repainting them becomes mandatory to overhaul the look of a dilapidated kitchen. One easy place to start is to paint the kitchen cabinets white or in a similar light shade. Most of the time, not much can go wrong with light painted cabinets no matter what the style of the kitchen.
But if the rest of the kitchen is done up in light shades then one approach to dramatize the kitchen cabinetry is by painting it in a dark color. This technique plays up the contrast of light colored walls with the variation of the dark cabinetry.
In a small kitchen, it is easy to make the area appear even tighter by using the wrong color of paint. Experts suggest sticking with softer colors, or perhaps a single brightly colored accent wall and then pairing up the rest of the kitchen with lighter shades. This rule also applies to the color chosen for kitchen cabinets to create a relaxed and comfortable feel in the kitchen.
In a bigger kitchen where cabinets not only line the walls but are also placed under the kitchen island, you can be a bit bolder in your choice of color. Lined cabinets can look good with a light colored paint while those beneath the kitchen island can create contrast by using a dark coat of paint. Remember that bigger kitchens will give more allowance for creating a mix and match ambience successfully than small, confined kitchens.
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