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Atlanta Home Repair calls for Grading and Bobcat Work

We have been fighting the rain this week, but we did manage to complete the grading work before the  rain sets in. Because the area where we are performing earthwork is located on the rear of the property, we want to ensure that we minimize the tracks that we leave in the soil on the areas of the property that will not receive grading work.

On this particular project we demolished the stairs to the deck and the concrete pad prior to beginning the grading in order to ensure that we could level as much of the area as possible. This was not a major inconvenience since we will be rebuilding the stairs as a part of the project.
An expert machine operator can make bobcat work look easier than it is. With that said, It’s is important to have an equipment operator with a substantial amount of experience.  An inexperienced individual performing bobcat work can cause many avoidable issues and cost you additional time and money.
Southstar Construction feels that it is important to give the property owner realistic expectations before beginning work. The freshly moved soil (or clay) will be likely be very soft for some time. Rainfall and time will allow the soil to naturally compact itself. In many instances it is also a good idea to spread wheatstraw and grass seed in order to help with the stabilizing the soil. We’ve got the grading completed. Now as soon as we get a completely dry day we can begin the deck repairs and building the deck stairs.