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Atlanta Garage Remodeling

Many people find that a garage offers the perfect environment to put their home office, studio space, or workshop. Here at SouthStar Remodeling we realise that many garages are attached or near the home, they can often be easily fitted with the same comforts a home has: heating and cooling, phone wiring, even plumbing.

Changing your garage doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your storage area. Many garages today have become multifunctional with their high roofs.  This allows for cars, general storage, and a home office or workshop all in the same space.

In addition to remodeling your current garage space, you could also consider an addition above the garage. Raising the roof and adding a room for work space above your existing garage can give you additional space, not to mention increase the value of a home, without changing the floor plan.

Here are some other garage remodeling ideas:

    Laundry room: Many laundry rooms can be easily moved from upstairs to the garage.

    Mud room: mud rooms give you the place to get the work clothes off and keep the dirt from making it’s way into the house.

    Music studio: garages are easy to insulate and make a music studio in.  Also it keeps the neighbors from complaining.