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When looking at the baby boomers, many are living homes that are not yet ready for the changes they will be going through in the next 20 years.  At SouthStar Remodeling, we have the ability to modify your home to make it livable during your golden years.  This is very important to most of our clients that want to stay living in the same home they have had for many years.

Whether you are in a two story, or a ranch style home; there will be some modifications needed if you plan to stay in your home through your golden years.  Accessibility changes and functionality changes are the areas that we will address for you at Southstar Construction.

Whether you need changes in the your bathrooms, living areas, outside entrances or ramps/lifts being installed; Southstar is the right place to find certified aging-in-place specialists (CAPS) for your renovation needs.  

We can make sure you don’t have to worry about moving from your home to a new house just because of the layout of your home.   We know that your independence is important to you, and we are here to help you with maintaining your independence when you need it most.