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Chimney Cap Replacement and Repair

In Atlanta it would seem that Spring temperatures have arrived early. The earlier arrival of warm weather makes it an excellent time to start spring maintenance.
Is your roof leaking through your chimney? If so, it could be time to replace your chimney cap. Chimney cap replacement is a maintenance issue that often goes undetected until it is time to act. Chimney covers and chimney caps come in an unlimited number of shapes and sizes. They are found on homes of all ages and exteriors. From brick, to vinyl siding, to hardy plank, chimney caps can be found all all types. Whether you have a gas fireplace or a wood burning chimney overall purpose is the same, keep the elements out of the chimney. Because chimney caps are attached to the top of chimneys, which are often the highest point on the house, it is easy to forget about them. But over time the chimney cap can rust and corrode and begin to allow water to leak inside the chimney. Some older chimney caps were made with tops that are almost flat and allow water to stand. Over time the metal will rust do to prolonged exposure to water.
Recently we had a previous customer call us out to inspect her roof. She complained that when it rained water was coming down her chimney. Upon further inspection we determined that her chimney cap was in fact the culprit.
Replacing a chimney cap will usually involve having on custom made for the size and dimensions of the chimney. Most often metal chimney caps are replaced. In instances where the chimney cap is made of more costly mateirals such as copper, it may be more cost effective to repair the chimney cap.
Southstar Construction replaces chimney caps all over the Atlanta area. We even make them in custom colors to match or accent your homes existing exterior color scheme.  If your chimney cap is leaking or if you believe that its time to replace your chimney cap, now is an excellent time to tackle that project. Spring has sprung, but you still have time to remedy this issue and protect your home before the spring showers arrive. Give Southstar Construction a call with all of your chimney cap replacement and roofing and roof repair needs.