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Ceiling Paint Ideas

When planning a paint job during a home remodel, homeowners will spend a lot of time considering color options for their home’s walls but will often neglect the fifth or overhead wall: the ceiling. While a lot can be achieved planning the right color schemes for the vertical walls of the home, considering the option of having a painted ceiling can really style things up.
Because the ceiling is the largest expanse of uninterrupted space in a room, its color choice can play an important role in determining the room’s ambience. This is especially true in rooms where the walls are primarily neutrally colored. To add more color to the room, keep walls in neutral shades but accent the ceiling instead. Color ideas for such a ceiling can be derived from room furnishings, fabrics and other finishes in the space.
In rooms where there are high ceilings, furnishings, floor coverings, and accessories all clutter the lower half of the space leaving the upper half of the room bare and vacant. To add balance to high ceilinged rooms, painting the ceiling with color can help maintain proportion. Making an overhead addition to the room like a ceiling medallion and chandelier or sets of pendant lights can help fill up the empty space overhead.
Ceilings with crown moldings or other architectural details will also enhance the décor when splashed with a coat of color. Pair the ceiling color with complementary colors on the walls to create a subtle effect in the room.
When choosing paint for the ceiling, select from special paints that are manufactured for this specific purpose. Ceiling paints are available in specialty finishes boasting features like ultra-flat finish, better light absorption, low reflective quality, and fast drying paint. Together they work to give the ceiling a flawless look and finish that can effectively hide any imperfections.

With these and other innovative ideas, you can use your home’s ceilings as a canvas for your creative expression. When investing in a home remodel in the Decatur area of Atlanta, get the specialised home remodeling services of contractors like Southstar Construction. We have a team of professionals working with us who can attend to all your home improvement needs.