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Atlanta Roofing Contractor, Roof Replacement and Roof Repairs

This week Southstar Construction performed a home roof inspection and a roof repair in Atlanta Georgia. As a licensed contractor, Southstar Construction has year of experience installing repairing and inspecting roofing systems. This particular roof was installed less than 5 years ago. The homeowner called us out initially to inspect a loose ridge vent and a leaky chimney.

After inspecting the ridge vent more carefully, we discovered that the ridge vent had been installed with nails that were too short to provide a secure attachment. Because the nails were too short, the ridge vent began to come loose from the roof. This condition was likely exacerbated by heavy winds and rain. In this situation, the easiest way for us to repair the problem was to completely replace the existing ridge vent and to install new ridge vent, this time with fasteners of the appropriate length.

The next issue that we investigated was the water entering through the chimney. Upon inspection we discovered that the existing chimney, which was likely original to the home, was severely rusted.  The siding on the home had also been recently replaced, and the old chimney cap now longer fit completely over the new siding. The shape of the metal chimney cap was also part of the problem. Because the chimney cap was concave, it allowed rain water to pool on top of the chimney. Over time this pooling caused the chimney cap to severely rust. The remedy for this problem was simply to replace the existing chimney cap with a new one to ensure a snug fit. 


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