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Roofing Replacements and Repairs in Atlanta for Spring

Now that we are in the mist of tax return season many Atlanta eowners are considering having home renovation projects completed around their homes with their tax returns. While many home owners may have their hearts set on new granite countertops or a bathroom renovation, other Atlanta homeowners are planning to tackle some general home maintenance projects and home repairs. With spring just around the corner, now is an excellent time to consider replacing an aged roof.

An aged roof will eventually lead to leaks. Those leaks may eventually become visible on the home’s interior ceiling as water stains. These leaks will eventually lead to wood rot an decay and in some cases mold. If your roof is 12 years old or more it may be time to start paying closer attention to your roof and at least realize that you may be in the market for a new roof sooner than you think. Many homeowners don’t give their roof much thought until it finally starts to leak and catches them off guard.
This surprise can be avoided. Taking the time to inspect your home and keeping good records of the repairs and renovations that have been done in the past can be a good tool to use to determine when the time for additional work and inspection is needed. As a homeowner its much easier and less expensive to plan for a roof replacement than to wait for the imminent day when the roof begins to leak. Then you will have to scramble to get someone out on short notice and you may make a rushed decision and you may pay more for the services than you would have paid had you just planned in advance.   No matter what your roofing needs, as a roofing contractor in Atlanta, Southstar Construction can provide all of your home renovation and home repair needs.