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Atlanta Remodeling and Painting

To add the oomph factor into an otherwise bland room, consider painting an accent wall in the room. An accent wall will instantly give the area a fresh new look and is a simple maneuver to stylise any ordinary space. If you wish to create a bold contrast or hint at a subtle shift, then create an accent wall with a different color than the other walls to incorporate an appealing dimension to the room.
Whether the intent is to characterize the living room, focus on a particular piece of artwork, highlight architectural features in the room, or even simply update the design profile of the room, creating an accent wall in the space can achieve all this and much more. And all these ideas are not only limited to the living room but can be applied in any room in the house.
An accent wall will assist in creating color flow through any space. When the same color as used on the accent wall is embedded into the room décor through accessories like rugs, curtain fabric, pillows or cushions, through furnishings or even through decorative items, the effect can be impressively creative. Not only is a boring room transformed completely but a simple remodeling technique can instantly provide dramatic results in a very cost effective manner.
Adding an accent wall into a room will make a bold statement without overpowering the space since the other walls in the room will be subtly painted.  In this way the accent wall can be used to create a sense of contrast in the room. In other scenarios where you do not want a startling contrast, the accent wall may be painted in a deeper shade of the same color that covers the remaining walls in the room, so that the effect is delicate; gentle enough to add interest and break the tedium of a single colored space.
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