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Atlanta Remodeling and Home Additions

When done right, adding a family room to the house will totally change the look and character of the residence. Contemporary family rooms are geared towards providing functionality as well as style components to the existing living space and are multipurpose spaces which can be used for entertaining, relaxing, spending quality time with the family or just about any other activity.
To make the most of the family room, homeowners look to incorporate the elements of versatility, functionality and comfort in this large space; a space they can actually use and live in. Typically family rooms are designed to be installed near the kitchen with the intent of making the area more spacious, and turning the first floor more open and extensive allowing to accommodate more people when needed.
Placing the family room in close proximity to the kitchen also has other benefits. Not only will this addition make undersized kitchens appear roomy but will also devise a sizable space that can accommodate several activities like cooking, dining, entertaining as well as relaxing. However, the design and layout of the home will also dictate where the best location for the family room can be. 
In some homes, it may not be possible to place the family room next to the kitchen because of staircases or other obstructions, and it may need to be installed elsewhere. With the help of designers and architects, a better location can be determined but there are a few common ideas that all professionals agree upon.
Suggestions for a family room will often include installing large windows to access the view outside, putting in French doors that lead to the yard, porch or patio, and perhaps a cathedral ceiling to accentuate spaciousness. On the interior it is important to include style components of the rest of the house to be merged into the family room matching trims, siding and window styles. Features like fireplaces or wet bars can also be installed to make the most of the family room experience.

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