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Atlanta Painting and Master Bedroom Motifs

The master bedroom is your personal retreat and as such needs to reflect your personality and sense of style. An important element in your bedroom’s décor is the choice of colors on the walls. Color choices in this personal space may be limited to one color or be a combination of hues to add character to it.
Since master bedrooms are typically larger spaces than other rooms in the house, there is more that can be done here in terms of selecting a color palate. In homes where the master bedroom has an adjoining dressing area, or perhaps an extended sitting area, the color scheme of the room can be stretched further into those sections as well. The same goes for having an adjacent bathroom; the idea is to present the entire area as a cohesive whole.
However, this does not imply that the color code for the entire area should be uniform. Instead you can discover cohesiveness in complementary colors or where suitable due to design configurations, in contrasting hues as well. One way to do this is to pick out one accent color and pair it with others to give the multiple areas of the bedroom a unified appearance.
Not that it applies to everyone, but typically people like to set the mood of their bedroom as a calming abode; a place to rest and unwind when alone. As such the choice of colors should also have a soothing affect and appeal. For many this means painting their master bedroom in softer hues. But if you want to add more color to this personal space and are a fan of darker, bolder colors, then go ahead and paint a brighter color on one accent wall while complementing it with neutral shades on the others; the key is find the right equilibrium between dark and light without letting one overwhelm the other.  
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