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Atlanta Painting Ideas

Remodeling the bathroom can be a long and tedious process and one of the areas to handle is deciding the color scheme for the area. The good thing is that in an overhaul project, you can start from scratch and give your refurbished bathroom any look or feel that you want. Whether it is a bright and lively look that you want to create or wish to stay with natural, neutral hues, there is an array of colors to choose from.
One deciding factor that can impact the choice of paint color for the bathroom includes the space available. Typically, smaller bathrooms are colored in lighter color schemes so that the confined space can be expanded visually. Paint requirements in such spaces may be minimal as subtle colors like light beige, soft yellow or even white can suffice well.
But where the bathroom remodel is on a more elaborate scale and greater space is available, then do not hesitate to experiment with bolder color choices. The concern here is not to make the space appear roomier but to create an ambience through color. For some homeowners this may mean using earthy colors like browns, beiges or even rust to establish a cozy, warm feel in the bathroom. Other people may choose to settle for soothing color options like light blues or greens to create a calming surrounding while yet others may decide to introduce the element of dark, bold colors that are accentuated by using light colored bathroom accessories.
Where a bathroom has plenty of natural light infiltration, and there are no concerns on how to use color to bind or expand the space. Instead you get the freedom of using all your favorite color options to decorate the area as you please.
When the bathroom is to be remodeled in a specific style, then certain color schemes will work better than others. For instance, bathrooms that boast a colonial look will look best featuring colors like deep red, blue and green; colors that were commonly available during colonial times, while Victorian styled bathrooms will not only feature accessories based on Victorian design but also a color scheme that was popular at that time.
Contemporary bathrooms, on the other hand, tend to be more monochromatic in appearance using neutral colors like blacks, whites and greys but can be accented by the introduction of bold saturated color options like green, red, blue or orange selectively.
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