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Atlanta Home Repair -Deck Repairs and Grading

Today Southstar Construction began a home repair project in Atlanta, Georgia. The home is a split level with stone on the front and three sides are vinyl. The repairs will consist of earth grading, rotten wood repair, deck repair, roofing repair. The homeowner recently purchased the home and wished to have some home repair work done before she settles in.

At Southstar, we always strive to streamline the construction process so that the job runs efficiently and delays are minimized. Our recent weather has been very fickle, and as a result has been tricky to plan around. And currently rain is forecasted for 4 out of the next 5 days. Because the majority of the home repairs will be made to the exterior of the home, dry weather is necessary.
One the bright side, we were able to begin today with the grading work. The rear of the home has several areas that have negative grading. When homes are built it is necessary for the ground closest to the home to be sloped away from the structure. Negative grade means that the soil around the home is actually sloping towards the structure instead of away. This can cause major water drainage issues during time of heavy rain. This home does not have a basement, but did in fact have several areas along the back of the home’s exterior where water gathers and forms large puddles. In addition the underbrush in the backyard is beginning to intrude upon the limited space in the back yard. We will also be doing what we can to improve this situation as well.
Remember, whether you as a property owner are operating heavy equipment or if you are hiring a contractor to perform the work, it very important to determine the location of all underground utilities including: water, gas, electric, cable, etc.  In Georgia this can be achieved by calling 811. The attendant will ask for some basic information about the project.  They will send out a notice to the respective utilities and within approximately 5 working days, all the utilities serving the property will come out and mark their service. At this point it is safe to start because all of the buried utilities have been identified, so that they can be avoided by the equipment operator. Stay tuned for updates on this Atlanta home repair project.


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