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Atlanta Home Modifications - Wheelchair Access

Southstar Construction built this wheelchair ramp inside the city of Atlanta. The homeowner uses a motorized cart to maneuver in and around her home. Prior to the construction of the ramp, she was dependent upon family and friends to help climb the front stairs to her porch. In addition to the risk of her falling, her family was also faced strain with the task of lifting her motorized cart up and down the front stairs of the home.

The construction requirements for this project were somewhat unique.  Based on the property’s age and location, the project’s financier required that the home be submitted for review by the Atlanta Urban Design Commission.  The Commission ruled that the home was located in an historic area of Atlanta. As a result, The design, location, layout, and materials to be used for the ramp had to be approved by the Atlanta Urban Design Commission.
The final approved design consisted of a 20 foot ramp with one landing outside the front door, terminating onto the driveway. The ramp was of course required to be Americans with Disabilities , or ADA standards. The wheelchair ramp was of course required to be built from pressure treated lumber. The ramp was also required to be built using turned pickets and posts, shaped rails, and a brick curtain wall around the base of the ramp. Though the design approval process took some time, the project turned out great. The homeowner was ecstatic and the commission was “pleased” as well.
Southstar Construction realizes that not every wheelchair ramp built in Atlanta will require these measures. However, its important to inform our customers that we are capable of satisfying those stringent standards. Not every wheel chair ramp builder would have gone to these measures to complete this type of senior home modification project. But as a licensed general contractor that understands the aging in place design process and end goal of barrier-free access, Southstar took the bull by the horns, and tackled this project by performing all stages of design build.

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