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In Atlanta, home repairs home improvement and property maintenance are an ongoing responsibility for most homeowners and property owners.  The types of projects often vary in size and scope from full scale remodeling projects to handyman services. Handyman services can vary greatly and be either on the inside or outside.


A handyman is able to take care of a variety of tasks at the home which helps property owners real estate agents and property managers maximize their time by having to contact fewer contractors to get the work done. Below are a list of some common handyman services in Atlanta, Georgia. A professional handyman in Atlanta is a valuable asset to real estate agents, buyers and sellers. In the Atlanta real estate market home inspections are often apart of home buying transactions. When there are miscellaneous items that need to be repaired in a timely manner, a handyman can really save the day and help keep the real estate transaction on track and keep the closing date in place.


Repair or Replace Toilet

Toilets are one of those fixtures that w typically don't think about until something goes wrong. And depending on how big the issue is, we may hobble along trying to work around or ignore the problem. But eventually the time comes when you have to do something about that toilet that just wont stop running.


And let’s not forget rentals.


Atlanta Rental Property Maintenance

If you have rental properties in Atlanta you could really benefit from a handyman. Rental property maintenance requires that inspect and maintain the condition of your plumbing fixtures. This is why in Atlanta many property management companies rely on handymen and home repair contractors to help them maintain their rental property portfolio. Few things can damage your home or property more thoroughly and silently than water and leaking plumbing fixtures.


The toilet can present problems in quite a few ways: leaking shutoff valves, damaged wax rings, loose toilet bolts, worn out flappers, broken flanges, worn out toilet tank gaskets, and even cracked tanks. These are all part of toilet repair.


Atlanta Toilet Installation and Replacement


And in Atlanta, Toilet replacement is very common, especially for homebuyers new homeowners that have just purchased a home. The same is also true for existing homeowners that are preparing to sell their Atlanta home.


In some cases it may make more sense financially to replace the toilet completely instead of continually making repairs to the same old fixture. Toilets come in a wide range of prices, and there are toilet replacement options that will fit most budgets.


Ceiling Fan Installation

Installing ceiling fans are also a common handyman task here in Atlanta. Maybe its because we’re in the south, or maybe because it gets really hot here in the summer, but people here love fans. Its common for homes in Atlanta to have ceiling fans in every bedroom and in common spaces like the family room or den. Installing ceiling fans is an easy way to add a visual element to a room while also adding function COOLING.

Light FIxture Installation

Installing light fixtures is a commonly requested home improvement project in Atlanta Metro. Light fixtures exist throughout most homes and they can range from kitchen overhead lights, to bathroom vanity lights, to exterior porch or flood lights. In the past few years, LED can light retrofits have become very popular in Atlanta. Can light retrofits allow you to upgrade your existing can lights without having to remove the existing light housing. And the LED downlights can make your space so much brighter and more inviting.


TV Mounting Services

Installing TV mounts has gotten increasingly popular over the years as flat screen television prices have become very affordable. So much so that many homeowners are wanting tvs mounted to the walls in not just the living room or den any more. They want tvs mounted in bedrooms, kitchens, and even in bathrooms and on porches. One of the best things about TV mounts is that they allow you to take full advantage of the fact that the tv is flat by allowing you to completely get it out of the way by eliminating the need for it to sit on any furniture. And now they are available in a variety of features including tilt and some even pull out from the wall. In atlanta tv mounting frequently occurs when homeowners purchase a new home or when they buy a new tv. In Atlanta a handyman can take this responsibility off your hands and install your tv mounts in virtually any location you want them.


Bathroom Faucet Replacement

Bathroom faucets usually remain in service for many years. And in many instances, the faucet gets replaced because the styles and tastes of the owner has changed as opposed to the faucet being worn out. In other situations you will occasionally come across bathroom faucets in older homes, and in these scenarios its not uncommon to find leaky shutoff valves under the sink they often also need to be replaced.


Kitchen Faucet Replacement

Kitchen faucets are often treated a little better than bath faucets because the kitchen faucet is in the middle of the action and is in the immediate view of everyone. And for this reason a tired looking kitchen faucet can impact the overall look and feel of a kitchen. For this reason, its a common kitchen upgrade that can create attention of its own.


Drywall Repair

In Atlanta Metro drywall repairs are sooo common. And it usually doesnt take most owners long to figure out that repairing drywall is a bit of an art. Especially if you want the end result to look as though nothing ever happened.  Folks have accidents all the time and run things into drywall, others get upset and punch or kick drywall. Other times homeowner may move or eliminate electrical outlets, and other times drywall repairs may be necessary after a plumbing repair in a wall. Regardless of how it happens, the best way to patch drywall is with a drywall patch made from a sheet of drywall. And most handymen know this. Even though many big box stores sell repair kits for diyers, but the reality is that these rarely look as professional as the real thing.



Painting is one of the most common improvement projects. If your are trying to give space an overall upgrade, few things works as well as a few fresh coats of paint. Paint is also part of many repair jobs including drywall repair, wood repair, siding repair and more. When you hire a handyman that knows how to paint, that’s one more task that you don't have to worry about.  


Gutter Cleaning

In Atlanta gutter cleaning is home maintenance tasks that should be completed several times per year depending how close trees are to your home and more specifically how many leaves  (and pinestraw) actually fall on your house. Not cleaning your gutters on a regular basis can cause the gutters to rot prematurely. Full gutters can also spill over onto the ground which can cause erosion around the perimeter of the home.
The added weight of the trapped water inside your gutters can also cause them to pull away from the house over time. And if you have french drains or underground drains, you have to be even more diligent to keep you gutters clean because the debris from the gutters can easily be washed down into the downspouts and eventually become trapped in the underground drains. Clogged underground drains often end up having to be replaced. A handyman can save you time and money buy cleaning your gutters on a regular basis, which is better than letting gutter maintenance fall behind and having to make repairs to your gutters and home, in addition to having them cleaned.