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Atlanta Exterior Painting and Siding Color Selection

Selecting the most suitable color for your home’s siding is not simply a matter of picking a color that you like but there are other elements that need consideration as well. True that the choice will dictate the overall appearance of the house, but it also needs to blend in well with the neighborhood surrounding as well as accentuate architectural details of the residence’s design.
Of course the first decision will be deciding on what type of siding material you wish to choose. That itself can be a deciding factor in the choice of color palate available for consideration. Not all siding materials will be available in all colors; for instance, when choosing real wood siding, color options are typically limited to natural shades of the wood, although painting over will provide a wider variety.
Vinyl on the other hand offers that largest color variety for exterior siding. Anything from neutral shades to bold and dark colors can be accommodated by using vinyl siding. Fiber cement is typically available in wood-like hues and stucco can be created to deliver different textures and colors of a huge variety.
When selecting a color for your home’s exterior, also keep in mind its architectural style. Certain types of architecture will look better in earthy tones while others will be more attractive when painted in pastels or whites. Contemporary architecture has the potential to make an impression when presented in darker hues. 
Plus certain architectural features can either be accentuated or hidden by color choices so consult with professionals before deciding on your siding color scheme.
Depending on the type of siding material chosen, there may also be a wait time for delivery. Sometimes custom made siding materials need to be prepared whereas others may need specialized treatment. To make sure that you get just the right materials you ordered, make sure that there is a generous time frame for delivery before the project actually begins.

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