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When doing a remodeling your home to take a disability into account, you should choose SouthStar Remodeling, a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS).  By having this certification means we have been through specific certifications to make sure that your needs are addressed by a professional.  There are many common changes that are made in a CAPS remodeling project: ramp installations, Doorway modifications, bathroom accessibility, room usage, and lifts.

The primary function of the remodel will be to convert the house to make it a usable home to the person whom is disabled.  One of the first steps in this conversion will be to install ramps in place of stairs.  Some small mini-ramps will also need to be put over some doorway thresholds.

Another way will be to change the width of the doorways that are in the house, anything under 32” wide will be a tight fit for a wheel chair, so many client choose to change their doorways to a 36”+ width doorway.

The most important change will likely be in the bathroom.  Most CAPS remodeling require hardware to be installed for ease of use, and to assist getting on and off the toilet.   Another area of concern is the bathtub, most have us remove the tub for a roll in style shower, with bar and handles to assist safe entry and exit of the shower.

You can also re-task the usage of a room, for example you may want the bedroom on the main level now, instead of on the second floor.  This is a simple project that requires some lighting changes, and door modifications.

Lastly you may need to install lifts:  ether a chairlift or an elevation.  You will find that SouthStar Remodeling is the choice for making these changes for you in your time of need.