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Atlanta Deck Building and Storage Solutions

When planning on remodeling the deck by expanding its seating capacity, do not forget to think about its storage options as well. A large deck needs both additional seating facilities as well as extra storage space to function optimally.
For decks that are used frequently, extra storage can go a long way. A good time to fit in additional storage opportunities on a deck is when remodeling the space. This allows for the storage options to be built in allowing a continuity of design on the deck.
Adding storage benches that can also serve as seating points is always a welcome addition to any deck.  Outdoor cubbies are a convenient way to organize and store outdoor articles while potting benches can neatly shelve various items as well. All additions are practical storage spots to store gardening tools, outdoor toys, and other outdoor accessories. They will be at an arm’s length when needed yet out of sight when not in use.
Deck boxes are also a popular option since they allow the space to store a variety of items. Deck boxes can be added onto the deck in unused corners and nooks to make the most of the space available. Likewise you can also have serving carts as part of storage solutions on the deck. Use serving carts to stash all barbequing needs and accessories and also let the cart perform as a work area, a serving station as well as a storage cabinet.
Most of these storage structures can be designed to complement the design of the deck itself. Using similar materials storage options are easy to blend in with the surrounding décor and accessories.
Another way to go is to use the space under raised or multileveled decks. The area beneath the deck floor can be skirted with lattice panels providing underfoot storage space for all gardening accessories, workshop tools, and even larger equipment.

When it is time to remodel the deck and build in smart storage solutions to maximize functionality, call us at Southstar Construction in Decatur, Atlanta to work on your deck. Southstar Construction has a team of professionals who are qualified to handle deck remodeling of any sort and can help make your deck a practical space for outdoor entertainment.