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Atlanta Deck Builder

To make a dreary deck into a dashing outdoor living space does not always involve hefty expenses. In fact, a few minor yet creative tweaks to the old deck can truly transform its character and add instant appeal to the aesthetics of outdoor living. The remodeling project may be as basic as adding a few planters or a stylish railing to the deck, to as elaborate as putting in an overhead pergola or redoing the entire deck flooring.
If you plan on remodeling the deck on a budget, then you can start from something as elementary as having some interesting and colorful planters placed around the deck. Planters can be stationed at the edge of the deck to mark its border, or as more permanent features be constructed around deck posts. On a more elaborate scale, planters may be installed so that they also serve the dual purpose of increasing the deck’s seating capacity.
Another way to maximise seating potential on the deck is to have wraparound steps. Other than providing gradual descent and access to the lawn below, wrap around steps make for comfortable seating when extra people need to be accommodated on the deck area.
To have an overhead protection of some sort on the deck, take your pick from retractable awnings, wide canopies, freestanding umbrellas or a more permanent solution in the form of a pergola. All provide shade and cover from the elements and can be chosen from an array of designs. Pergolas, however, need to be constructed and can often be designed in such a way as to complement the exterior of the home as well as match the design components of the surrounding deck.
Another way to enhance the ambience of the deck is to have a fire pit installed. The process will involve checking with your local municipality to see what is permissible but there are a number of suitable options available to homeowners.
For all these and any other deck remodeling ideas, homeowners located in the Decatur region of Atlanta can get in touch with Atlanta remodeling contactors like Southstar Construction. At Southstar Construction we have the hands on experience to create your dream deck and deliver long term professional results on the remodel.