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Is it Time to Replace Your Bath Faucet?

In Atlanta, replacing a bathroom faucet is a very common bathroom upgrade. Whether your replacing the existing faucet because its worn out and not functioning property, or you’ve been holding on to an outdated style and you’re motive for replacing your bathroom faucet is more of a cosmetic decision. 


We also know that some bathroom faucet replacements dont come by choice. Whether you have a plumbing situation at your home, or investment property, time can frequently be of the esssence. Just let us know the specifics of your plumbing needs, and we connect you with a plumbing repair person near you. 


Can you replace a single handle faucet with a double?


Yes, it can be done. One of the first and perhaps the most important aspect to inspect is the spacing and number of holes in the countertop. In order in install a 2 handle faucet you will need to have 3 holes in the countertop. Most faucets holes span 4 inches total. This is called a 4 inch centerset. This is the traditional setup and is also the most common configuration that we see in homes in the Atlanta metro area. 


However, there are some newer style single handle bathroom faucets that are mounted to the countertop using only one hole. If you currently have one of these and want to replace it, you will need to add two more holes in order to make way for your new faucet. 


Widespread vs centerset faucets

Both of these options are two handel faucets. There are two main differences. One is the spacing of the holes. centerset faucet holes are 4 inches. The centerset faucet holes are typically 8 inches. The second difference is the way the number of pieces. The centerset faucet body is one piece. Both the hod and cold and spicket are all on the same unit. The widespread unit is 3 separate pieces. The hot, the cold, and the spicket are all individually mounted to the countertop. 


What is a Low Arc Bathroom Faucet?


A low arc faucet is closest to the sink bowl when compared to other types of bath faucets. Low arecs are the traditional and most commonly used bathroom faucet style. These faucets are less likely to protrude above the mirror, if you have a large mirror that extends down close to the countertop. Generally speaking, low arc faucet options are less expensive than other types. 


One of the major advantages of the medium and high arc faucets is the additional clearance height, which gives the faucet user more space to wash their hands. It also makes it easier to splash your face directly with water from the faucet. And depending on the style that you select you may be able to fill up a small container from the bath faucet. 


Plumbing Repairs

One thing that’s important to keep in mind is that the overall condition of your existing plumbing can impact the required scope of work. Of course we do faucet replacements all the time that are simple striaght forward changeouts. But in some instances the job also calls for bathroom faucet plumbing repairs. For examples, some clients may need to have their hot and cold water shutoffs replaced as part of their faucet replacement. The hot and cold water shutoffs are plumbing components that can best be described as out of site and out of mind. When the faucet installer arrives to replace your faucet one of the first things that he or she will have to do it turn off the water supply to the faucet. If the shutoffs dont close or operate, then this task becomes more difficult and may require the water to the property to be turned off in order to swap the faucet, or do the shutoff valve replacement. 


We cover as far west as Douglasville, GA and as far east as Conyers. That's right, we go beyond East Atlanta Village and Decatur! Regardless of which scenario your bathroom plumbing falls into, text or email us today!