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Atlanta Bathroom Additions

Deciding to add a bathroom to a residence can be due to a number of reasons; maybe one is needed to ease congestion at busy times, or perhaps is required to accommodate the convenience of visitors. But whatever the reason for deciding on a bathroom addition, one thing is for sure; this addition will definitely boost the value of the house.
From the buyer’s point of view, an additional bathroom remodelling is a major plus point. All buyers love bathrooms and having an additional one only adds to the appeal of the house. For homes that have roughly the same number of bathrooms as the number of bedrooms, the resale appeal is the greatest. Sometimes adding an extra bathroom can become the defining feature between selling a house quickly and having it remain on the market for much longer.
When thinking of bathroom remodeling, consider the residence’s maximum resale potential. For instance it helps to have variety available. If the only bathroom at home harbors a tub then perhaps the addition can have a stand in shower instead. Typically children require a tub for bath time but older family members may favor a shower for avoiding slips and falls. A house on the market that comes with both is sure to attract favorable offers from potential buyers.
When thinking of making additions to the house of any nature, it is important to size up the neighborhood as well. See where your home stands in comparison to other residences in the community. If you already have one of the nicest homes in the vicinity, extravagant additions may only drain your budget without appraising the property. But if you recognize that certain addition will help bring the home at par with others surrounding it, then it is worth investing in those home improvements.
At the same time it is also important to look into what buyers would typically expect from a house similar to yours in size and in your location. Knowing these expectations can help you decide what additional features might be needed to enhance the home’s value.

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