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Atlanta Basement Remodeling and Working with Ducts and Beams

When looking to remodel the basement, many homeowners may face the common problem of having to deal with ducts and beams in the area. Accommodating these features successfully into the basement remodel can be challenging for a lot of people and may need intervention from basement remodelling experts.
For Decatur residents in Atlanta, complete basement remodeling services can be provided by experts like Southstar Construction. Our contractors are qualified to deal with all basement remodeling concerns when turning your basement into a new indoor living area, all the while keeping in mind the importance of visual aesthetics and never compromising the structural integrity of your basement.
To effectively integrate ducts and beams into your newly remodelled basement, our experts can paint them to match the rest of the ceiling. Or we can box them in with soffits or wood framed enclosures to match the room’s décor. To mask the unsightly network of pipes, wires and ducts, our experts can find the right solution for your basement by choosing from the following options:
Perhaps the most economical solution, painting the basement ceiling gives the room a monochromatic look.  Paint holds the potential to evenly conceal and camouflage such unsightly features of construction.
Drop Ceilings:
Another effective way to hide ducts and beams in the basements is to install a drop ceiling. Not only does the drop ceiling veil the pipework and ductwork completely, it is also easy to install, is cost effective when compared to other options and its panels help muffle noise by acting as a sound barrier. At the same time, ceiling panels are not hard to remove which allows easy access to the hidden wires and pipes should any maintenance needs arise.
To enclose lowered pipes and ducts, some homeowners may wish to have them covered within soffits and then cover it up with drywall or panelling. Installing drywall or panelling also allows the basement ceiling to blend well with the rest of the room.
It is important to remember that there are building codes regarding any type of duct enclosures so it is a good idea to get help from building experts like Southstar Construction in Decatur, Atlanta.