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Atlanta Basement Remodeling

Most basements are dark portions of unfinished living areas where we typically store holiday decorations, toys, tools, and miscellaneous furniture. This is the perfect project for SouthStar Remodeling to help you start reclaiming your space.  For example, the lack of natural sunlight would be a down point in many typical rooms. However, it's a positive feature if you convert the space into a home theater or dark room.

Here are some other ideas for converting a basement to usable space:
Wine cellar: The dark and cool environment of a basement would be very helpful when looking at a space for a wine cellar.

 Man Cave: A basement's isolation creates a sound break from the noise of a loud sporting event on the TV, or any other even that may be happening in a teenager's hangout or a music studio.
Workout Room: The vast space of a basement leads itself to an exercise room with lots of equipment or a recreation room large enough for an air hockey or pool table.

Before beginning your basement project, SouthStar Remodeling will be sure to solve any moisture problems, to prevent encountering these issues in the future. Even if your basement has never had problems with dampness or flooding, it needs to be address before any construction begins.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.