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Atlanta 203K Contractor Project

 The 203K project in Atlanta that we recently began is just about complete. The majority of the work on this project was on the home’s exterior. The front porch and stairs and the rear deck  and stairs both required major repairs. The sets of stairs had to be replaced. The backyard was not graded properly at the time the home was built approximately 30 years ago. We graded the steep sloping back yard and increased the amount of level space that can be used in the future for yard furniture or an area for children to play.

It was very important to correct the negative grading issue because it was causing water to pool near the home’s foundation. This could lead to a moisture problem inside the home in the future. Once we completed the grading, it provided a level foundation for the new deck stairs and concrete landing. The deck was not properly attached to the home, so we also solved this problem as part of the project. Though the roof on the home was not very old, it was in disrepair do to improper installation. We made the appropriate repairs to the roof. We also replaced rotten and decaying wood on the homes soffit and fascia.  
As a 203K contractor in the Atlanta area, Southstar has worked with homebuyers on all types of homes. In or current real estate market there are many good deals available for those who are up for the challenge. A 203K loan will allow the homeowner to buy a home and make the necessary repairs without having to pay for the repairs directly out of pocket. As an experienced 203K contractor, we are experienced with the process and would love to work with you on your project.