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203K Contractor in Brookhaven

One of the most popular and helpful government loans nowadays is the Federal Housing Administration’s 203K loan program. This loan option not only lets homebuyers buy a property but at the same time also allows them to renovate and repair the property with the same loan.
The FHA 203K loan program can not only be used to repair or renovate newly bought houses but also existing houses where homeowners can use the loan money to refinance their current dwelling. In both cases, the money can be used to make the premises a safer place to live as well as increasing and improving the value of the property.
For those people residing in Brookhaven or in any of Atlanta’s other neighbouring areas Southstar Construction can offer home renovation services for properties approved for the 203K loan. Residents who may be looking to purchase a property within Brookhaven or those who may wish to recondition their existing home can all avail our home renovation and remodeling services.  We are a fully licensed Brookhaven 203K contractor that operates out of its Atlanta office and is well experienced in working on 203K loan properties of all sorts.
The different services that Southstar Construction can provide while working on 203K approved homes can include the following:
·       Structural Changes
Properties with older worn out foundations, can be renovated and repaired with the help of the FHA 203K loan program. The FHA 203K loan program covers structural expansion, changes in layouts, replacement of worn-out or damaged structures as well as additions to the existing home. Finishing of basements and attics as well as chimney repairs are also possible with the FHA 203K loan program.
·       Conservation of energy
Installing of energy efficient windows and doors with sheathing, insulations and weather-stripping can improve the energy efficiency of the house.  Such improvements are also covered within the FHA 203K loan package.
·       Major Landscaping
Extensive landscaping projects such as adding a patio, deck or porch to the home can also increase the value of your property. Home improvements that enhance curb appeal and add to the value of property can also be enforced under the 203K loan.
·       Plumbing and electrical repairs and upgrades
Any home improvement that will improve the safety features of the home and make it hazard free is also covered within the FHA 203K loan program. As such plumbing and electrical upgrades also qualify as eligible repairs under the loan.